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marzo 22, 2021

WATERMELON PARTY descargar PDF gratis

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Watermelon Party is based on a existente event that happened at RRR. One July 4th, Janice put out a watermelon, and one by one the animals gathered around the watermelon, sharing in its juicy sweetness side by side, despite their differences in species and size. It is the perfect story of friendship, love, animal rescue, and good, old summertime fun! Rocky Ridge Refuge is animal sanctuary located in Arkansas and is home to animals of all kinds. Run by Janice Wolf, with the help of people who offer to transport animals for rescue and adoption, RRR takes in the toughest cases even when it seems like all hope has been lost. RRR also provides sanctuary for exotic animals, who are usually turned away at shelters due to unsuitable facilities for exotic species. At RRR, there is Cheesecake the capybara, Crouton the tortoise, Squatch the wallaby, and a whole host of other interesting critters! The beautiful thing about these animals is that they all get along harmoniously despite their differences._,
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