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enero 19, 2021

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Like a caterpillar in the cocoon waiting to be released out in the world as a butterfly, she waits for her transformation, she does so in a tight dark place. A victim of abuse feels the same exact way, but the victim, (mostly) lives in a home with people around or sometimes they are left alone to suffer or survive. One person’,s way of handling the deep dark depression in a cloud that you can’,t seem to get out of, all the while trying to maintain a family, school, a job, and being friendly without showing any injuries or wounds. Fearing the repercussions of no one believing them of the abuse so they continue on with life almost natural (at least in their minds). Abused people who keep things to themselves get stuck in their own heads with the thoughts of despair and disbelief that anyone will help them or even believe them. The negative thoughts usually take over their way of doing things, and sometimes, it is hard to figure out who is in control at that point. Seeking to tell someone is crucial for them so that they can get into some counseling that can really open up with them and help them sort things out. Show you how to deal with, not only the abuse, but help you maintain a daily routine of some kind of normalcy of the day-to-day things that they have to do. Counseling also helps with putting your emotions, feelings, actions in a way you, the victim, can manage daily. It is easier said than done. I know it took two counselors before I found the one who really could get me opened up, talking, and telling my story, and getting the help to stand another day and fight for me._,
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