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septiembre 3, 2021

ZENO THE ZEBRA descargar PDF gratis

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Sinopsis de ZENO THE ZEBRA
ZENO THE ZEBRA For curious young minds, this book is filled with information and adventure about Zebras living in their natural habitat in Central and Southern Africa. Zeno, a young foal, tells his story about his species as a member of the horse family, but as an Equidae. Colorful illustrations help to bring Zeno alive through pictures, while the Zeno story allows young readers to feel, smell, taste, touch, and hear this beautiful, mysterious animal as they discover the joys of learning about such a marvelous creature. ZENO THE ZEBRA By Bettye Cornwell Graham Also available as an Audiobook Music & Narration by Charles Graham Illustrated by J.A. Gamble_,
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